Your Complete Outsource Anesthesia Provider


Anesthesia being provided for patient in operating room

Ensuring 100% Coverage of the OR


YPS Anesthesia, owned and operated by anesthesia professionals, is dedicated to the highest quality anesthesia delivery. We are 100% focused on one thing – how do we improve anesthesia delivery, improve safety and increase surgeon and patient satisfaction.

YPS customizes each hospital with a detailed, efficient plan to improve their anesthesia department. We use efficient staffing models, revenue cycle management, and a high quality billing services. Our goal is to make sure that anesthesia cost to all of our facilities remains as low as possible, with zero subsidy being our ultimate goal.

Why YPS Anesthesia for Your Hospital?

YPS Anesthesia is a complete Outsource Anesthesia Provider. We handle all aspects of your anesthesia needs that include:

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